Google in Oregon Corrections Education


Google in Corrections Education

Designed for teachers, principals and technology staff.

The Google in Oregon Corrections Education summit is being held at the Hillsboro Public Library in Hillsboro, OR on April 22, 2016 from 10:30am to 4:00pm.  The address is 2850 Brookwood Parkway, Hillsboro, OR 97124.  This conference is expected to draw about 55 attendees from 5 states to discuss digital equity for all, including incarcerated individuals.  Oregon Youth Authority and Cascade Technology Alliance are sponsoring the event. Key Note speaker James Waterman – Googles West Region Manager for State, Local and Education markets.  He will be addressing the group in the morning. Attached here is the agenda for the GOOGLE in Oregon Corrections Education.

Below is the rest of the content for all sessions.

Session 1 – Security and Digital Management: What Works
Panel: Todd Broceus, SoftLINK; Eden Nelson, Cascade Technology; Gary Westoby, OYA

Session 2 – RACHEL Intel CAP: Tapping into Content
Panel: Jeff Canfield, OYA; Michael Conn, Wilamette ESD; Chris Hatch, Willamette ESD; Abe Rios, OYA & Gary Westoby, OYA

Session 3 – Engagement with Blended Learning:Examples from South Jetty & Three Lakes high schools
Open Discussion – no handounts for this session.
Session 4 – Getting the Classroom Going in Apps for Education
Open discussion

Session 5 – Youth Shenanigans and Other Adventures
Panel: Michael Conn, Willamette ESD; Richard Glinert, Warrenton-Hammond SD; Frank Martin, OYA; Mike Riggan, OYA

No handouts for this session

Session 6 – College Pell Grants: Documents and Process
Panel: Dagny Brown, Willamette ESD; Michael Conn, Willamette ESD; Tracie Hightower, OYA

Session 6 – Future State: Chromebooks and Laptops for Youth Reentry
Open discussion – no handouts for this session